Join Hands emerged from a micro group of people who banded together, contributing small donations including money, clothes, food, books, pens, and accommodating disadvantaged people.

Child sponsorship

Due to the increased amount of children participating in the Join Hands project in South Sudan and Uganda, the Join Hands is not able to fully sponsor disadvantaged children in financial and sustained educations.

This is where we need your help.

We have sourced educating staffs to educate children and to ensure all teaching staffs obtain their wages.

Enrolment Screening and consideration

Foster Carers, guardians of orphanage children, Local leaders and Pastors collectively work together to assess the background of the young children orphanage (language, tribe, language), crucial personal circumstances (disability, street life, foster care, homeless, and geographic location) in which the child emerged from.

Disadvantaged family

The local leaders and Pastors perform thorough family background including the number of children per household, the caring nature, financial situation, and the resource availability.

These taken into consideration to determine whether the parents or guardian can support their children or if they are able to extend their care to unprivileged children.

Young girls

The notion that young women should not attend school or are required for parental assistance at home, still exists in some family and generational tradition and culture.

The Join Hands staffs, local leaders, Pastors, and teachers engage with the family to ensure young women attends school for better future outcomes.

Great Mercy Christian Church Contribution For Children in Uganda Refugee Camp

Pastor Patrick and great mercy Christian church raising money for supporting children in Refugee camp in northern Uganda.

For the two time we are supply exercise books, pens and soaps to orphans and non-orphans’ children who flee from South Sudan to Uganda and cloths. Soap and cloths to the widows.

If you want watching the video go our website. We are still supporting children in who leaving in Refugee camp in Uganda.

Join Hands Orphans’ school in South Sudan

Pastor Patrick and his family made a small contribution of $6000 to start a school.

The contribution was used to purchase learning resources and paying the teachers for their monthly salary.

The school was conducted under the big tree with twenty children.

Residents who were in the refugee camp in Uganda returned to South Sudan and the students’ registration number rose to 452 at the Join Hands school.

Patrick and His family made $10,000 Australia dollars for school construction to prevent the scorching heat from the sun and wet weather.

Now we have a temporary and decent school building accommodating students’ learning, but we are hoping to renovate and add more buildings.

Because of the increasing number of students registering we are now accepting donations from Christians, non-Christian, governments, and anyone who is able to contributes.